Californian Southern Soul

I was born and raised in North Carolina, but now love living in Northern California. I like to say I’m a Californian with a southern soul. I am a teacher by trade, but have been an entrepreneur all my life.

I’ve been in business for almost 20 years and I love sharing what I’ve learned with others. It is my true desire to impact others lives’ for the better.

Once a collegiate athlete I switched to working dual careers teaching school by day and as personal trainer/fitness instructor by night and on weekends.

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Sadly, teachers cap out at "not enough" so I understood from an early age the importance of a "side hustle."

Over-Worked and Under-Paid

I was tired of trading my hours for dollars with little to show for it and I was exhausted. I met the love of my life and we married and have two amazing kids.

We both are hard workers but wanted more for our growing family than to trade all of our waking hours for just enough to get by. There had to be a better way to live. Now there were two of us exhausted, but we both wanted to be home more and truly present with our kids.

I jumped into network marketing when it was introduced to me and I loved the idea of getting paid for the value I bring and earning residual income. I was thrilled to combine all of my passions into one business teaching and educating others with their health.

I began learning the necessary skills needed to succeed and read everything I could get my hands on. I worked my new business part-time while still teaching, training at gym, and being a mom. 

It completely aligns with who I am and what is important to me.

It took me a few years however, to gain the full vision of what it could offer my family.

But eventually I decided to leave my classroom position to go for it full time and get to the top. I joined groups, gave presentations, did expos, conference tables, events, and even farmers markets in triple digit heat.

I ran three way calls during homework, dinner, kids activities, and until everyone in house was asleep. I made lists and met, texted, called, and talked to anyone that would listen. I would do well for awhile and then my team would fall apart. If I was winning not everyone on my team was. 

They would quit and I’d try to start over.

Even my sponsor quit!

I got sick of my upline telling me I needed duplication, but I was frustrated that my "home business" was anything but work from home. I felt like I would scream if told to "just find more people" without the how to or bugging friends and family to listen. 

Emily Smiley Family

I Felt Frustrated and Stuck

I would hear those I admire say this is what it takes "to do what most won’t" and I’m no quitter! But deep down I didn’t want to "succeed "if it meant missing more of family time.

I wanted to build more online but no idea how.

I still was determined, but turned instead to learning new strategies that aligned more with what I wanted my business to be. I didn’t want to quit or let my upline down but I needed to do this differently.

That's When I Discovered Attraction Marketing and The Power of Plugging Into A System!

The idea was to bring people value online and have people seek me out.

Guess what?

It totally worked and within days of starting with new strategies I had several video chats scheduled with other business owners who wanted to know more and leads with others who wanted more information.

I couldn’t believe how fast it worked! 

attraction marketing

 When I started online, I inhaled as much as I could learn how to use these new strategies and learning from others how to truly be able to work from home.  I now love connecting and getting new people started.  Plugging new people into a pre-made system is so powerful and allows so many people to win from the beginning.  This is vastly different from anything that is out there! 

Being There With My Family

I am now able to automate repetitious activities so I can be more present with my family, move forward in my business, yet make an impact helping others. I no longer feel stuck, lost, or not in control over where my business goes or frustrated over how to get there.

It is my purpose to now turn around and help those that desire more.

I get to help you build a business online and take control of your life to create balance and an abundance that perhaps you’ve never dreamt of.

It is possible and it is doable!

I now feel in total control of my success and and consider it a blessing to be able to say that I’ve helped you is some small part of your journey. So think bigger, dream bigger, set goals, and take action.

If I can do it then you can too! --Just sayin!

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Fun Facts About Me

  • I believe in faith, fam, friends, then biz
  • Favorite foods are sushi, sweet tea, southern bbq, tacos, and a good margarita.
  • I love being active and as a family. We are huge sports fans. We love The Giants and I love the UNC Tarheels.
  • I will try any fitness class once and I have tried some interesting ones!
  • I will sing and dance anywhere, but I am not great at it
  • My motto in life has always been "work hard, play hard"
  • Life is too short not to include chocolate
  • I am one of 10 kids! (yep 4siblings, 4 step, and one half)
  • Used to make hundreds of dollars selling lemonade in my backyard as a kid.
  • Favorite sayings are "Just sayin, fixin to, and ya’ll and my California kiddos love to make fun of my accent

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