Why Posting Your Company Name on Social Media Is Not A Good Idea

Are you guilty of of posing and posting pics of you with your product on social media?

I certainly started on social media and in network marketing by doing this.  I feel like we all have at one point or another and that is ok.  It actually worked for awhile……. until it didn’t.  I believe it is perfectly ok to let your inner circle aka your personal profile friends know that you’ve started a business.  Let them know you’re excited and you have something to offer.  Ignorance on fire is a lot more beneficial than those who are scared to share what they are doing at all.  But, after a while it simply stops being as effective.  In fact, you are probably ticking people off.  While you may think to yourself ” I’m ok with that”, I encourage you to think about what harm you might be causing your potential business and probably some of your closest relationships.

You are NOT your company.  People follow people on social media and want to be entertained, inspired, encouraged, educated, and motivated. Put simply, they want to know what’s in it for them! Here are some facts to consider.

  1. 1You don’t own your company in network marketing.
  2. 2You are not involved in making decisions for the company.  For  example, pricing, shipping, billing, or creating new products.
  3. 3You are not in charge of where the company goes in the future or if it goes out of business.

People follow YOU!  So doesn’t it make sense to market yourself and not your company? People will buy and join people that they know, like, and trust and this takes time.  This  will most likely never happen if they feel you are trying to sell them something in every single interaction you have with them OR always posing and posting it on social media.  Your audience will feel the agenda and the reason behind the post.  I feel that we all have had those “Hey girl, was thinking of you for my(insert product or opportunity)”messages.  Even if this message were true, we are bombarded with so many these days that they are no longer as effective.

If you post your company or product clearly out there your audience, potential customer or team member will most likely do one of two things.

1. GOOGLE IT!  They may look up the company or product and get their information without ever having to contact you and you will have no idea.


2. Your audience will buy it from their neighbor or friend down the street or even the company directly, even though they got their information and marketing from you.

To build a business in network marketing online and using social media it is vital that you learn some skills and strategies in helping you work smarter not harder. If you want to be more effective please stop posing and posting your company name and specific products or product names in your newsfeed, stories, tweets, and posts in general.  There are far more effective strategies that will bring you more customers, team, and prospects and may just save some of your closest relationships!


1. Brand you!  Post interesting pics, boomerangs, videos, stories, tweets about who you are and what is important to you.  Be interesting and if you want to build online then you have to be online so let them see you.

2. When posting “curiosity posts” (posts about your product) don’t give away all the info.  Give people a reason that they simply must reach out to you.  People are naturally curious so they will .  Ask them a question they can’t live without the answer to.  Solve a problem they are most likely to have that you have found the solution.  Be creative.

3. Know your audience. Know your desired prospect for your product, service, or opportunity and recognize that although it may not be for everyone, everyone can benefit from following you.  What value do you  bring to social media?

4. Be interesting. Be clear in who you are and what you do and stand for.  Be intentional when posting and in your branding.  Have fun.  People love to follow happy people.

5. Add people to your social media friends/followers daily.  Keep adding content that is interesting and relevant to your audience and remember they want to know what’s in it for them .  Add value so others see you as an influence in a positive manner instead of salesy.

Check out and watch youtube video below for more information about posing and posting on social media.

Remember, this is your business and who better to represent it then you!

You got this!  So go crush it!





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