How To Stop Recruiting While Running Errands And Still Run A Successful Business

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This is so embarrassing to admit but I found myself in Walmart looking for more people to talk to….. Yep Walmart 🤦‍♀️

Why on earth would you go there? Because my upline told me to talk to more people and I was already there running an errand.

I proceeded to have the most awkward conversation with a woman in the health and beauty aisle and actually got hit on by a guy before leaving.  😳🙄

I immediately called my upline saying if my vibe is attracting THIS tribe I’m done! 😳

We all of course laughed and they kindly suggested I try elsewhere to prospect.😂 Yikes!

Where “elsewhere” did I have time to go prospecting and meet new people before picking my kids up from school?  🤷🏼‍♀️

The answer was I didn’t so…….. Yep, I continued to be open and talk to someone in every place that I had an errand to run that day.🤷 Not my finest moment, but I am not a quitter❗️

Needless to say, this did not go well. I know, I know you may say that I am in the wrong place, keep trying, talk to more people, and it’s a numbers game. But I was done!  ❌

If this is what prospecting and recruiting looks like after you’ve burned through your warm market than there had to be a better way. So I tried…

✅ parties

✅Joining target groups

✅Networking groups

✅Expos and booths

✅I even purchased Groupons to put myself in “Better” places to meet better people

All the while talking to everyone I met about my opportunity.

It may work for some but for me, it was not effective or fast enough. I was short on time and desperate to find new people. I felt stuck in building duplication and frustrated that no one wanted to join me. ❌

All this work was not working and made me feel like screaming!😱How could you work so hard and gain so little?

So I searched for new strategies and stumbled upon a game-changing formula for building a business online. 🤩🤯

I read the whole strategy through and decided I had nothing to lose🤷anything was better than recruiting running errands.

I started adding my newfound strategies in “just to be safe” Cause who can really connect with people online?” 🙄

But it worked immediately and in a natural seamless way. I couldn’t believe it!  🤯I applied what I learned and people quickly were reaching out to me for information. People who were interested in business not following me around a drug store! 😂

I now feel purposeful and intentional instead of stuck and frustrated

I now attract the right tribe with the right vibe and in the right places!🤗


Adding new effective strategies is a total game changer for how I now operate my business. I operate from a place of freedom. What if you could do the same? What would it mean to you to……

💥Run errands prospect free

💥Wake up to find people have messaged you for information before you’ve even set foot out your door

💥Have a clear vision for EXACTLY HOW to move your business forward without aimlessly looking for possible people to join your opportunity.

💥Have step by step online strategies that don’t require posting product pics or join me plea

💥Feel intentional in your prospecting so you no longer feel stuck or frustrated

💥Have people reach out to you who are interested in joining your business

If you’d like to know how you too can stop recruiting your hairdresser, babysitter, and checker then be sure to get your free 10 day bootcamp.  I’d also be happy to share more about what I’ve learned and how it’s not only changed my business but also my life! No joke!

If I can do this, then you can too!



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