How To Actually Make Your Resolutions Stick In Your Biz in 2020

How many years have you had your business?  How many New Years have you made resolutions for your biz only to throw them aside several months in?


Have you promised yourself that this is the year you will rank advance or earn $10,000 in a month? $20,000, or even $5,000?

What is the difference between stating these resolutions or goals if you will and actually achieving them? How do you set an intention for the year that you can actually hit and know that you know that you are not stuck in the same year and the same place to set the exact same goal the very next year?

A Resolution is to make a change for the future.  What if instead you decide to make a revolution this year? A revolution is to declare war on government.  But what if instead you declared war on your brain and how you think about your business?

Once we make a decisive decision we are still fighting an uphill battle with ourselves.  Setting a goal or an intention is one thing, but our motivation and habits are probably sabotaging our efforts.  We need to change a few things!


1.)  We must change our thinking and our mentality!

We must think of ourselves as the new habit or goal we desire and not where we are currently at.  Smokers who say “I’m trying to quit” are not nearly as effective as those who might say “I don’t smoke or I’m not a smoker”.   They have already changed their mindset around their goal and more likely to be successful than those “just trying”. Which is more powerful.  One is struggling and the other is affirming and identifying what they want.


2.). We must change our identity!


I am is a powerful statement and we must use it as much as possible to our advantage.  How you identify yourself and how others identify you directs you toward or away from a goal just in thought process.  If I say I am trying for Vice President or I say I will be or I am Vice President which is more powerful in obtaining the goal. You have now positioned not only your mindset, but made it clear to those around you what the goal or intent is.  If I say “I’m a hot mess,” then I’m identifying myself in that way.  I might state instead, “I am organized and I am on it!”  I am more likely to get the job done with the second phrase.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying to lie or even that it will be done perfectly, but lets not give up before we’ve even started.  Identify with what you already want! 


3.). Change Your Accountability!


Without some accountability there is very little follow through.  We may say to ourselves and even start the goal, but if there is anyone else who know we are automatically programed and more likely to follow through.  Gym goers know the importance of a buddy to hold them accountable to get there.  If we have a deadline, we are more likely to have it completed if it is turned into someone.  If you’ve ever needed to clean house but are unmotivated to do so but guests are coming over and miraculously it somehow gets done.  Accountability!  There are many ways to set up accountability for yourself.  Signing up for a class, a mentor, a coach, or even placing a deadline on calendar showing the commitment and when the task or goal will be complete.  It doesn’t mean we don’t need to adjust it or even modify it, but it is more likely to happen with some accountability.  Actually, you are 80% more likely to follow through with a deadline and a little accountability.  


Check out my Facebook live video where I go over these more specifically and talk about adding implementation, intention, and purpose in fulfilling your resolutions. 



I hope you make this year a revolutionary year and succeed at all the goals and intentions that you have set for yourself.  If you have not signed up for free 10 day bootcamp, you absolutely should!  It is written by my mentor and was so pivotal in getting results in my online business.  You got this!


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