How do You Show up on Social Media?


Soooo it’s Monday the beginning of your “work week” and your pluggin away trying to build your biz on social media👍🏽

But let me ask you a question…
How are you actually showing up on social media?🤔
What do I mean by that? Well, if you’re like me you’ve likely done allllll the things. There are a lot of “activities” that you are likely doing or have done that are NOT helping your biz and your team or company may be telling you to “build online” this way. Things like

❌Posing or Posting with your product
❌Bugging family and friends
❌cold messaging “hey girl” messages hoping to prospect them
❌sending multiple messages reaching out hoping they’ll respond
❌adding friends hoping to share your product/opportunity
❌adding ppl to fb pages or groups without asking them😬

That is NOT marketing your business!!

I’ve done allllll of those things and it left me frustrated and not moving forward. I spent countless hours trying to “go through the numbers” I messaged ppl, reached out, blew through my warm market, and was looking for ANYONE who was interested I thought might join me. Frustrated really is an under statement for how I felt. I felt helpless and not in true control of my biz and moving it forward to the next level.

I knew there had to be a better way to build that was more freeing and felt more in alignment. I needed less icky than always having an agenda because I needed it to even think about growing my biz. I started searching and there is LOTS out there😳I get it. I tried a few “programs” promising to help “build online”. It felt more like cherry picking and less like a plan or map. I wanted to know EXACTLY HOW to get there. I needed the HOW!!! That is when I found a community that teaches education and mentorship and the HOW to do it that I had been so desperately searching for🤯

It utilizes strategies and tactics and as soon as I applied them I started seeing results and my business has completely changed.

✅I now have ppl reach out to me daily to ASK about what I offer
✅I have highly qualified leads and prospects to talk to without convincing them or reaching out first
✅I have a roadmap, a plan, a strategy, tactics, and loads of skills and tools of the HOW to build online
✅I have mentors, coaches, and a whole community who teach me everything I need to know to grow my business and who support me through the process.
✅I no longer feel stuck, helpless, desperate, or frustrated with how to build and I have a solution to all those problems that were keeping me stuck and frustrated.

I can’t tell you how freeing it is to no longer build or feel this way! I feel a weight has been lifted. If you are in sales and building a team then it is IMPORTANT how to show up on social media and how NOT to!! You are going to need more than your business or company teach. You just are! Plus, I actually have more time to spend with my family, which is what I wanted to do in the first place. I was told you have to sacrifice now for later, but I now know I AM building strong and leveling up, while still feeling in complete control and not one bit guilty for putting my family first.

If you too feel stuck, frustrated, lacking the “How”, or just know you need more skilzzz and are ready to learn more please reach out. If you want to truly build the biz of your dreams and want more info drop an emoji below or reach out in messenger and I would be happy to share more with you.

Meantime, hoping you are showing up daily, adding value in the world, and crushing it online. ‼️We got this

Keep Going!  I'm cheering you on! 

Emily Smiley