Before You Post On Social Media Do This!

Do you throw posts up on social media hoping for responses, or do you have a content strategy for building your biz online?

For years I was consistent with posting on social media and spent countless hours putting up posts about my biz, my products, my opportunity, and yes my family.  I did know not to make EVERYTHING about my biz.😂

I was fairly good at getting some customers this way and even some team members who I would then teach to build and post the same way.  Some would do as I did and stay consistent, but most would get frustrated and give up.  I decided there had to be a better way to build and set out to learn some new skilzzz that would be far more effective. You need a content strategy for building on social media, instead of tactics and throwing up posts hoping someone sees them and buys your stuff.   Here is part of what I’ve learned.


Do not post pics of just your product stating what is IS and listing the ingredients and the name of it and yada yada you get the idea.  This type of post is not helpful at all and will get you scrolled over every single time.😳

Instead of looking like a robot copy of your company try appealing to the actual people on the other side of the screen.  What problem might they have that your product solves.  For instance, if you have a product that helps give you energy maybe try telling a story instead of stating “but this cause it will give you energy”.

You might tell a story about how you were a drained parent with no energy to get through day and do not want to buy or depend on coffee or energy drinks to get through the day.  Tell how the product made you feel after and how your life has been changed.  People want to buy but they do not want to feel sold to.  Plus you get to help them attain more energy and help them solve their problem.

Once you get the idea and hang of this it might be time to assess your posts and look not at likes but at engagement.  How many people are actually commenting on your posts that aren’t already in the company or a customer?  It is mind boggling to me at how many people continue to throw out posts that are literally cricket posts and the only people liking them I know are already on their team.  TRUST ME people know! I realize this may come as a shock, but most people get on social media to be SOCIAL!! 😉

Social Media Posts Should Always be one of the following!

  1. Educate/Empower
  2. Inspire
  3. Entertain

Educating might mean sharing valuable info about the area in which your biz is in.  For example, if your biz is health and wellness then share info on this topic and that will help educate your friends and followers and empower them in their health journey.  You are not sharing or selling anything from you at all.  You are simply helping them.  Giving them some value. 

Inspiring them might be as simple as posting a quote, something I do a lot.  Maybe try adding what it means to you and adding your input.  It could also mean being vulnerable and sharing more of your journey in hopes to inspire them.  Whatever it is, the goal would be to inspire them in their journey. 

Entertaining is important after all it IS social media and what most people get on for is to be entertained.  This may mean simply sharing what most do and that is your life and your family.  It might mean sharing a funny joke or meme and lighten up a bit and have fun with it.  Business should be fun and you attract what you put out there.  Besides, nothing gets as much engagement as when I share my family or funny stories about my kids.  Only share of course what you are comfortable with, but remember you are branding you and you need to share You.

Be sure to mix up your posts and map out an actual strategy, yes strategy for sharing.  Maybe do “motivation Monday” or “thankful Thursday”.  Many do this but fail to be consistent in this.  Give them a reason to check your post every single Monday to help inspire, empower, and entertain them for week.  Whatever you do, it is thought out not just thrown up so it matters.  Give it some thought.


Take time to create some valuable content and people WILL watch and WAIT for your posts even when they may not be engaging YET.  I cannot tell you how many times someone has mentioned something I posted forever ago and they remember but hadn’t engaged in at the time.  

Lastly, here are some helpful DO’s and Don’ts that I’ve learned and found to be very helpful when posting on social media.


  • Do assess posts to figure out which ones your followers like to post more.
  • Do follow trends on social media to stay relevant such as going live and posting to stories.  These are constantly changing so keep learning.
  • Use messenger to connect with prospects and potential customers and team members.
  • Ask questions!  This helps with your engagement but it also helps you get to know your audience and what they will respond to.  It can help you help them.
  • Find your own voice and put your own spin on topics, pics, or quotes that you share.
  • Stay in compliance with your company by branding yourself and sharing what it important to you.
  • Be creative, interesting, and add value with your content.
  • Give your audience a CTA or call to action. Tell them what you want them to do.
  • Ring true for you and add value to others but also don’t forget to have fun!

Do Not Do These On Social Media

  • Do not become a spam robot posting only products or posing with products or even worse with them “accidentally in pic”🙄
  • Do not use company stock images. Remember people will scroll past these and turn people away from you.
  • Do not copy&paste shared company posts or posts that you’ve seen.  Be original.
  • Do not just throw up a post “hoping” someone will comment and ask you and think that is “building on SM”😬
  • Do not use outdated strategies

Remember your prospects are smart consumers and you want them to love what you add, contribute, and how you make them feel.

For more information on posting on social media check out this video and join our community for those building online and develop some new skillzz for your biz.

Know better do better! RIGHT❓‼️

You can crush it on social media💯










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